Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:

A few months ago I bought Lily a potty for when the time came to potty train. I was fully prepared to have it packed away for awhile because I was not about to start trying to potty train her while having a newborn to deal with. Since I have bought the potty however, Lily has been incredibly intrigued by its presence. Fairly often she will point to her diaper and say, "eeewww, pee pee, pee pee" I will ask her if she wants to pee pee on the potty and she will nod vigorously. I will then pull the potty out and put her on it to witness what is to be a long sit with no success in the pee pee department. So, on Thursday when Lily came to Josh and I begging to get the potty we pulled it out, took her diaper off and let her sit on it EXCEPT this time she actually pee peed on the potty!!!! We were so shocked that I pretty much forgot the part about teaching her how to wipe. We just started doing the pee pee dance and congratulating her on her success. We also gave her a piece of chocolate which of course is a rarity in her life as a reward. YAY Lily. All arrows point to her wanting to potty train herself because I certainly have not been helping her effort.

The Bad:

Josh is finishing up grad school and today he had class in TN for the day which left Lily, Davis and I to fend for ourselves. My mom had agreed to meet up with me at the Yellow River Game Ranch which is an elaborate "petting zoo" kind of place. It has all sorts of animals: buffalo, deer, ducks, roosters, peacocks, cougars, coyotes, bobcats, donkeys, cows, goats, etc..... The deer, squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, peacocks, goats will walk up to you and pester you to feed them (some a little forcefully). Lily was not super fond of the deer and preferred to spend much of the time in the stroller where she felt safe, either that or she was being held by my mom or myself. Well, we had pretty much been through the whole place and Lily was finally starting to warm up to the animals. She was even walking holding our hands. One of the last areas on the trail is the bunny area. This area is enclosed but the bunnies are loose and you can go in and pet them and feed them. This whole "ranch" is in the woods and the bunny part is on hill with scattered large rocks. My mom and Lily went into the bunny area together to feed them and while they were in there Lily basically lost her balance and fell on her butt where she rolled down the hill slightly and was abruptly stopped by a large rock and her head meeting forcefully. I was watching and it did look like she hit pretty hard. She, of course started crying and my mom picked her up comforted her and brought her to me where I held her and tried to calm her down. A guy who had seen it happen yelled to us, "her head is bleeding." This shocked me because I was no expecting her to have a cut. Sure enough when I looked at the back of her head her hair was all matted with blood. After stopping at an urgent care center that turned us away because she was too little and the finally ending up at an Egleston Urgent Care center about 30 minutes away Lily was fixed up with 3 stitches, 2 stickers and a popsicle. The gash in her head thankfully did not bleed for long on the way to urgent care and she stopped crying about 5-10 minutes after she fell. She was not really happy about being pinned down on her belly wrapped in a bedsheet to keep her from flailing her arms but she did very well getting the stitches. I hope that this isn't the beginning of a myriad of ER visits and injuries in her future. But for now I must say that I have one tough little girl with a nice scar to show for it!

The Ugly: I will be posting a picture of the battle wound with the Yellow River Game Ranch here......(hopefully tomorrow)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Davis 1 month Stats

9lbs weight- (23rd %tile) up from the (14th %tile)
21.7'' length - (48th %tile) down from (54th %tile)
14.2'' head circ. - (9th %tile)

The new pediatrician that we are going to see is awesome. She spent an hour with Davis and I in the room. She was very thorough and asked lots of questions about Davis. She thinks he is doing great so far. I look forward to going to see her and the other doctor at this practice in the future.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life with 2 under 2! (20 months and 1 month)

I think the saying goes, "time flies when you are having fun" but I would like to ammend that to my specific situation right now....."time flies when you are taking care of babies." I can't believe that this past Sunday Davis passed the 1 month mark. Here are some updates about each of them:

Davis: He is doing really well, getting bigger. Of course he is doing all the normal newborn things....eating, sleeping, pooping, crying, etc. I must change his diaper 10 times a day and he is only awake for a total of 4 hours out of 24. That's a lot of diaper changes in a short amount of time. We have his one month appointment tomorrow at a new pediatrician that we are going to try. I have not had any real trouble with the current pediatrician we go to but I wanted to find something a little more personal. I will let you know how it goes after tomorrow's appointment.

Lily is doing great. She is adjusting as well as I would expect a 20 month old to adjust with a new baby brother in the house. She is the perfect "little mommy." It is incredible to me all the little things she picks up on me doing when taking care of Davis. She likes to take care of her dolls the way that I take care of Davis, down to applying the diaper cream and vaseline. It is funny to watch her being a mommy to all her dolls. She is very good with Davis. She loves to give him kisses, she begs to hold him all the time and she is a great assistant when it comes to diaper changes. She helps me get all the necessary items. Although she seems to be doing great with Davis I feel like there is much to be accomplished in the realm of discipline and attitude. Lily has been in an interesting spell recently. She has been having some pretty impressive meltdowns with seemingly no real cause. She is certainly testing all the boundaries and testing Josh and I's consistency. I certainly think that a lot of her frustration can be contributed to the language barrier. She wants to communicate badly but does not have language for it yet. She is doing much better with her words but she is definitely not ahead in this department. Josh and I are waiting for a breakthrough in her verbal skills.

That's a little update with how things are going around here. I only have a few more days of taking care of both of them by myself before Josh is home for the summer. We are looking forward to doing some fun things together as a family while Josh is home. We are in the midst of planning a beach trip with some friends. Here are a few recent pictures of Lily and Davis that you might enjoy:

Lily hugging on Davis.
My cutie pie!
Lily dressed herself for the first time. She put the shorts and the hat on all by herself. Too funny!

Her HUGE Dora doll swinging in Davis' swing. This is Lily playing mommy.
Davis with his monkey at 1 month old.

Tiny toes

I think I must be pumping around Lily too much because she found the adapters and tried to pump for herself. I had just enough time to grab the camera to get this shot. I can't believe she tried to copy me pumping. hehehe!

Monday, May 11, 2009

20 months and Davis' Mother's day dedication

Lily is 20 months old and she is a firecracker. A lot of people have been asking me how Lily has been handling being a big sister and honestly I can't complain. She tries to be very helpful by bringing me wipes, diapers, shhshing him, patting him, kissing him, etc. The only real "jealousy" I have seen from her is in response to Josh holding Davis. My daddy's girl doesn't want Daddy to hold her brother. Lily still doesn't seem to care that I am holding him for the most part. If she does want me to deal with her she will "tell" me where to put Davis, for instance she will pat the bouncy seat and pat Davis telling me that I need to put him down. It is actually pretty cute. She is patient though too when I tell her that I take care of Davis for a minute and then I will put him down and play with her.
Lily has gotten a lot more words here recently and she loves doing her animal sounds. Her favorite animal sound is the elephant. Honestly I can't really even do the elephant sound but Josh taught her how to blow through her lips to make the noise. It surprises me how many elephant pictures and toys there are around. Just when you think you are in the clear and there couldn't possibly be any elephants Lily manages to find one. One time Lily was reading a book about puppies and bedtime and she starts making the elephant noise. I tried to assure her there were no elephants in that book. I mean it is a book about puppies. She insists that there is one, so I take a look and sure enough the little puppy is reading a book and on the page in the book that it is on there is a very small picture of an elephant. WOW. How does she find those things?!?
Davis is doing well. We are having a few bumps this past week and weekend. For some reason Davis is super gassy and has started to spit up what I feed him almost immediately after I feed him. I have tried to think about what I could be eating that might make him that way and I am not sure. I am not consistent with what I eat so it is really hard to tell what might be the problem. I even resorted to not drinking coke to see if that was the problem and he is still having the problem, so...... if you have any ideas about what the problem might be I am all ears.
So because of his tummy woes he is a little fussier than he was before but I am optomistic that once I figure out what is going on he will be a happier little man. We celebrated my 2nd Mother's Day the same way we celebrated my 1st Mother's Day......Baby Dedication at our church. We dedicated Davis at church yesterday and big sister Lily participated. Last year we dedicated Lily on Mother's Day. We didn't get a whole family picture but we got one of Davis and I after the service.
Here are a few recent pictures to enjoy.....