Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am 5 months old!!

Lily is now a couple days over 5 months. I have a hard time believing it has almost been half a year since she has come into our lives. She had her 4 month appointment sometime in the middle of January and I just forgot to post her "stats." At 4 months and 2 weeks she weighed 16lbs 9oz (92nd percentile), she was 25.5 in tall (86th percentile) and her head was 17.25 inches in diameter (96th percentile). She is my big girl! I think the length measurement was a little off because she is too long for most 6month outfits she pretty much wears 6-9month outfits right now.

The past month has been a bit crazy for us. We started Lily on solids about 3 weeks ago. We started with Rice cereal. A week later we tried green beans and then this week we started sweet potatoes. She has really done so well. She loves eating off of a spoon. She is quite good at it now. She makes the funniest faces when she is eating her green beans but she still eats them (even I don't really like green beans).

I am pretty sure that there are a few teeth trying to make their way out of those gums because she is drooling and knawing on everything, not to mention the fact that her sleep patterns have been out of whack. My "sleeper" has decided to throw mommy and daddy for a loop. She is getting a little better this week, but there have been some late nights and early mornings and lots of lost sleep in between. I felt like she was a week old all over again.

I have been pretty sick this week. I got a flu-like bug and have been trying anything I can to keep Lily from getting it. So far so good. Josh isn't sick yet either which is nice. We have been putting Lily in the nursery now for about 2 months when we go to church and for the most part she is doing pretty well. After about 6:30 in the evening she starts to go downhill in terms of fussiness, she is ready for bed and until she is in it she will not be happy.

We have been having so much fun with Lily. I definitely have enjoyed each stage as we go through it but am always excited to see what's next. I hope you have enjoyed the update. Here are few pictures of Lily affectionately called "Lily Pily," "Gooby," "Goobs," "Sweet Pea."

I am a Georgia Voter (well at least mommy and daddy are)!! Super Tuesday was my 5 month birthday.
I LOVE holding onto my toes.

This was one of our "snow days" that we enjoyed in January. (looking out from our back door)
I am bundled up and ready to go, where's the snow?

Timber loves me!
He copies me too.

Until next time......