Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lily's First Verse

At church Lily's Sunday school class learns Bible verses every week. We have been working on helping Lily memorize the verses she learns. At first all Lily could do was repeat what we were saying but one day we were in the living room and Lily was playing with one of her dolls and she was pretending to put the doll to sleep. As she was putting the doll in the pack-n-play she started praying for the doll and in the midst of the prayer we heard the memorized verse we had been working on! Josh and I were thrilled and started cheering for her and she was oh so proud! And what a good first verse to learn as a child. Just thought I would share.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A series of events.....

1. Haiti earthquakes - tons of help, prayers, money needed
2. My lack of money but STRONG desire to help somehow and a subsequent prayer that God would allow me to help.
3. A Facebook status from AccessAtlanta asking for nominations for Nurse of The Year.
4. Nominating a very special nurse in my life for the award
5. Wondering if said nurse had a Facebook page so I could connect with her.
6. Finding said Facebook page of nominated nurse and "friend requesting" her.
7. Simultaneously seeing a friends Facebook status that posted a name and number to contact if you were a Dr. or nurse that wanted a free plane trip to Haiti to help with relief.
8. Deciding to repost my friends status as my status.
9. Getting no response that anyone saw it or cared, feeling a little silly that I posted it.
10. Nurse friend accepted friend request about the time I posted the free plane ride status.

OUTCOME: My nurse friend informs me that her church had organized a team of Dr.'s and R.N.'s to go to Haiti to help but had no way of getting there as there were limited flights entering and leaving the area. Upon seeing the number and name I posted she passed it along to the leader of the group and they were able to call and get on a flight the very next day to Haiti (not even 5 days after the earthquake first occurred).

I am so grateful that God allowed me to play a very small part in assisting a country that is in so much need. Sometimes it is more than money that is needed. It is prayer and willingness to help in anyway that presents itself. I am just feeling blessed to know that there are Dr.'s and nurses there in Haiti and that I had a role in helping them get there (no matter how small a role that is).

What series of events has God allowed you to be a part of??