Sunday, March 30, 2008

Springtime in Auburn

This past week there were a few days that were just gorgeous. Lily and I didn't miss the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Before I forget, at her last appointment her stats were: weight: 19 lbs 1 oz (94%) Length: 27in (88%) Head circumference: 18in (99%).

Lily has made some huge developmental steps this past week or so. She is now totally unswaddled and sleeping pretty well (a big improvment over the last 2 months). She is getting up on her knees and rocking back and forth. I feel sure she is going to crawl any day now. She is doing some self feeding of some biter buscuits and puffs. She seems to really like that. She is still learning how to drink from a sippy cup. She has eaten her first meat this week which I thought was disgusting (chicken and chicken gravy). It looked and smelled like dog food.

We have had a lot of fun these past few weeks. When we go to the grocery store she is sitting in the front of the cart and loving it. When we go to restaurants she is sitting in the high chairs and doing great with that as well. I love that she is becoming more independent and seems to be enjoying life so much more. She loves d0gs. Timber and Campbell have the unique ability of making Lily giggle a lot. A friend of ours has a boxer and she got to play with him yesterday and she loved it.

We lowered Lily's crib today so that when she starts pulling up she won't be able to fall over the top of the crib. We are also working on childproofing our house. I am sure I will find things to childproof as she gets into them. For now Josh is fixing our railing so that she cannot fall through the bars.

Josh and I are doing well. Josh's spring break is coming up next week. We don't have any big plans although I really wanted to go somewhere. We might just go to Six Flags for the day or something. I am loving the spring weather and the ability to be outside in the fresh air with Lily a lot more. I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful trees and blossoms everywhere, I know I am.

Take a look at some recent pictures of Lily:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Half Birthday to Lily!

I guess at this point I seem to only post once a month. That's better than once a year I suppose. This last month has been harder than previous months it seems like. I don't know what is going on with Lily but she has been challenging me everyday. I finally got her out of her swaddle which was no easy feat. She has been swaddled since 8 weeks old and was sleeping like a champ. As she has gotten bigger and stronger she was "breaking free" from her swaddle at night and then couldn't go back to sleep without being reswaddled. So, like a good mommy I would go in there at every hour of the night and reswaddle her. I had tried multiple times to put her down unswaddled but was unsuccessful. Finally, one day for a nap I just wrapped the bottom half of her. It took a solid week for her to really sleep without immediately waking up and crying. So, the swaddle is gone but we are still having night issues. Everyone keeps telling me this is a phase, I am just hoping the phase doesn't last until she is 18!

Lily has been eating solid foods so well. She has tried as many veggies and fruits as I have been able to provide. She has tried green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, avacados, bananas, peaches, pears, rice cereal and oatmeal. She seems to LOVE rice cereal and squash. The rest of them she doesn't seem to mind too much but she doesn't attack the spoon either like she does with the rice cereal and the squash.

She is sitting pretty solid these days. She only topples over when she is trying to reach for something and forgets she is sitting. I think crawling for her is right around the corner.....when she is on her belly she "swims" as well as pushes up on her toes to lunge forward. I am definitely ready for her to start moving because I really think she will be so much happier if she were able to do things a little more independently.

We have her 6 month appointment tomorrow where she will get another set of shots and get weighed, I will update the blog after I get those statistics.

Thanks for reading this far if you did. Keep in touch. And as always, check out some of the pictures we have taken of Lily recently.....
Eating squash in my high chair!

I love to go running with daddy!

This was daddy's attempt at putting me in a carrier.....I sure look silly.
This is what happens when daddy dresses me. It's a good thing mommy dresses me most days.
Grammy and Grampy came to visit before the went square dancing.
I love to nap in my big girl carseat!

Mommy's 6 month photo shoot...