Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Beach Baby

Lily's new experiences since the last post:

1.Officially went swimming (first in the baby pool, then at Nana and Papa's condo's pool, then at Grammy and Grampy's house, then at Lake Lanier)

2. Dunked totally under water by Daddy. Lily was not sure if she liked the experience the first time and has warmed up to it every time since. Mommy is too nervous to even try it though =(

3. First TOOTH!! Lily's first tooth appeared about 3 weeks ago. I don't have a picture of it yet but hopefully she will show it off soon. It is the middle bottom right tooth.
4. Standing and squatting unassisted. Within the past two weeks Lily has shown enough balance where she can stand without holding on and squat down without holding on to anything.

5. Has started pushing a walk-behind toy around the house. She has finally figured out that she can get around our house by walking behind a push toy and she doesn't have to crawl everywhere. Is she going to be walking soon???

6. She has FINALLY said the word mamamamama. I know that she doesn't say it and know she is referring to me, but I must say I am glad that she has the ability to actually say it since she has been saying dadadada for a few months now.

7. Transitioned almost solely to table food. Lily has always been a good eater and she has loved all the pureed foods that we have in jars and such, but recently she has been rejecting the spoon and wanted what is on our plate so most of her meals now come from our lunches and dinners. She LOVES self-feeding blueberries, peas, chicken, etc....You name it, she eats it. Definitely a daddy's girl when it comes to eating (she eats more variety than I do at 26 years old.)
I (CA) and Lily are leaving for the beach on Sunday with some of my girlfriends from our bible study. I am definitely looking forward to it but I am a bit nervous to have Lily for a solid week without Josh. He is such a big help at home that I am nervous about having to do everything for Lily for a full week. That's OK though. I haven't been to a real beach (minus Lake Lanier) in over 3 years so I am definitely looking forward to the ocean and beach atmosphere. Pray for us while we are gone because there are a couple of other babies going on the trip....should be interesting. It is a nice 6 hour drive to get there which might drive me nuts with Lily but hopefully all the activity in the car will keep her distracted.

Josh of course will have a whole week to himself here at home since not only are Lily and I gone but he is also not working. It should be fun. He is going to try and hang out with some guy friends and hopefully do some chores!! (maybe that is wishful thinking on my part).

Here are some new pictures of Lily from the past month or so, plus here are few of her professional shots that she got done this past month as well.

Lily's professional 9 month shots.....

Lake Lanier......Lily's first sandy experience

Dad cooking hotdogs at the campsite.

Lily's bouncing Zebra!

Toilet Paper Caper- Lily figured out how to unroll toilet paper and we forgot to shut the bathroom door and this is what we found after a few seconds.....
It just keeps coming......caught red handed.
Uncle Jay's new wheel barrow that he got for Father's day.
Lily and Nana at the beach.
Swimming in Lake Lanier

Lily's personal pool on our back deck......she didn't want to stay sitting, she was crawling all over the place and wanted to stand up on the edge.

Let me in!!
Timber and Lily behind bars!