Saturday, January 30, 2010

Davis' 9 month stats

So, I am late on this post. I started a post right after the new year with the details of our Montana ski trip and still haven't finished it. Call me lazy, unmotivated, I am not sure all I know is that I am one of those people who doesn't force an issue. I knew if I tried to force myself to write a blog post it would be uninspired and just plain blah. It may still be those things to others, but I know as I write this that I feel motivated to catch up on a few things. That's a good start for me. So, with baby steps I will start with Davis' 9 month Dr.'s appointment stats. I was sure that Davis would have jumped way up on the percentage scale, that is of course not the case at all. He is growing just fine but he is still my skinny guy.

Weight -------> 18lbs 2oz = 13%tile
Height -------> 28 1/3'' = 54%tile

The Dr. thought he was doing perfect and was pleased with Davis' progress as far as his eating goes. I am also quite happy with how Davis is eating. After months and months of trying to get Davis to eat baby food and taking him to a speech pathologist to get some clarity and help we finally have success. Davis is eating 3 large meals a day. When I was trying to get Davis to participate I was feeding him the sweetest best stuff I could find that would make him want to eat, who cares about veggies as long as he is actually trying to eat right?! Well, once he got the hang of the whole food in the mouth, swallow process I decided it was time that we advance Davis to eating a more balanced diet. I tried just giving Davis pureed veggies but as expected he wasn't too interested. I needed a better plan. A friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Denmark and her "ways" back before Davis was born and I knew that I would follow most of her methods with Davis. Dr. Denmark recommends feeding babies what she calls mush which is a conglomerate of a protein, banana, oatmeal, veggie and fruit, a very well balanced diet if I say so myself. I thought I would give it a try fully expecting Davis to reject the mixture. Well, to my surprise he actually likes it and eats A LOT of it. I was barely able to get Davis to take a small 4 oz jar of baby food before I started the mush, now he will take 8+ oz of mush in a sitting and it is all really good for him.

Here are some of the concoctions I have mixed up for Davis:

Proteins: Black eyed peas, Black beans, Butter beans
Fruits : Pears, Applesauce
Veggies: Peas, Green beans, corn
Cereal: Oatmeal or Rice cereal
Banana (yes it is a fruit but it is separate from the fruit category here)

I make all the mush myself just with a hand grinder. It's pretty easy and like I said before, he loves it! So I am confident he is getting the food he needs. My next step (which is not part of the Denmark plan) is to get Davis to start progressing with his finger food abilities. He is taking his time on this. I gave him a halved blueberry the other morning. He put it in his mouth and started chewing it. I thought, this is great he will be eating table food in no time. HA, 10 minutes later he still had that darn blueberry in his mouth just flipping it around, he did manage to smush the fruit part of it out and all that was really left was the blueberry skin. I am sure he will figure it out soon. It's just hard not to compare Lily with Davis. Lily was on all table food by about 10 months of age (despite the fact that she didn't get any teeth until 10 1/2 months, figure that one out folks)!

Anyway, Davis is doing great. And just so you can see how great he is doing, here is a little picture of my happy growing guy!!