Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Dedication....First Mother's Day

Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy First Mother's Day. It really was a great day.

Mother's Day also was Lily's Baby Dedication at our church. We attend Grace Fellowship Church and they have a Baby Dedication every Mother's Day. Both sets of grandparents were there to support our family in our decision to dedicate Lily. It was a great day and Lily looked beautiful as always. Included are a few pictures from the dedication.

Since my last post which honestly was only a few days ago, Lily has been pulling herself up on her knees and occassionally to her feet. She is not terribly steady on her feet but she seems to like to be higher up to be able to see everything going on around her. She also loves crawling all over Timber. It's funny, but I think he secretly enjoys it because he is getting attention. I think Lily is climbing on him as a means to pulling up, but it is cute none the less.

I hope all the mother's out there had a Happy Mother's day as well. I am already excited about Josh's first Father's Day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Slow and Steady......

Well, it's official and has been for a little while now, I am just behind in posting.....Lily is crawling. Now, she is not fast, yet, but she can get where ever she wants to go. We are doing really well. Lily is back to sleeping really well and taking great daytime naps. She has been working on the crawl for a little over a month about a week or two ago she really started the alternating knee and hand crawl rather than just her inch worm technique.

Lily is now officially 8 months old and is babbling a storm. I feel certain her first word is going to be "dada" which I am a little disappointed about because I think "mama" would have been a better choice. But we shall see. Maybe she will surprise me with a "mama" pretty soon. She loves other babies and toddlers to the point that she will try to talk to them and it is so funny because they look at her like she is weird. It seems that she is much more aware of other babies and kids than they are of her, not sure what that means at this point.

She has learned how to clap. I can say clap clap clap and she will sometimes respond by clapping and getting very excited. If I demonstrate clapping she seems to copy me much more readily. We are having such a good time these days. Thanks to Grammy, Lily and I are going to Gymboree class once a week to play with other little babies since she likes that so much. It has been a lot of fun and something new to get us out and about.

We are going to start some kind of swimming class in June probably to get Lily used to the water (besides bath time). Since the Rowan's have a swimming pool I imagine that we will take advantage of that on the hot summer days ahead.
Josh is done with school in 2 weeks. We are very excited that he will be home for the summer. I know I will enjoy having him home with us and hopefully we will get to do a lot of fun activities. Before I finish this post the last thing I wanted to mention is that we are Dedicating Lily this Sunday at our Church in Snellville. Our church does a big baby dedication on Mother's Day. I am excited for this and I am excited for my First REAL mother's day!! I will be sure to add pictures as soon as I have some.

Lily and her friend Chloe!
Chloe loved playing with Lily. She even helped me get Lily up from her nap.
Look at my little girl....all grown up riding a hippo!
Concentrating hard on the crawl