Monday, August 30, 2010

Zoo Trip with friends

Most everyone knows that I am a bit addicted to getting a good deal on anything and everything. Well, going to attractions like the zoo is no exception. I came across some half priced tickets and knew I needed to get them so that we could go to the zoo with the kids. The original plan was to go when Josh was home for the summer but that just didn't work out so we invited my friend Dawn and her little boy Parker (and baby Lincoln) to come along. My dad also came along which proved to be an awesome help as we had 3 strollers to push and only 2 adults (if not for my dad!!). So Dawn pushed Lincoln in a carseat carrier stroller, I pushed Lily and Parker in our double jogging stroller and my dad pushed Davis in a single umbrella like stroller! So it worked out perfect. We had a great time. The kids kept saying, "can we see more aminals...." after we got to each one. Definitely can't wait for the spring time when we can go again.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Class of 2000 10 Year Reunion!

As much as I can't believe it, it has now been 10 years since I graduated high school. Last year we celebrated Josh's 10 year reunion and this year it was my turn (I should mention that my dad also got to celebrate a high school reunion this year as well.......50 year reunion WOW). My life long friend, Kati, who was our senior class president was in charge of the planning. She was able to get several other friends from our class to help out and get the plans together. I was tasked with the job of getting the name tags made for all the attendees and their guests. The reunion was at the Sky Bar at Five Seasons Brewery in Atlanta. We had a really good turnout and I can say for sure that everyone had a great time! It was definitely good to see people in person. To have a real conversation with someone is much different than just reading a person's profile on Facebook. Overall, it was fun to see people I hadn't seen in a decade. Here are some pictures from the evening.

Don't forget to notice the awesome name tags here!! Handmade by Yours Truly!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Little Ballerina

Lily started ballet classes 2 weeks ago and is having a blast.

Into the Woods

After naptime and a tremendous rain storm we decided to hike a trail at Little Mulberry Park to an area that is said to have a really nice waterfall after a good rain. It was pretty muggy and hot, but it was a gorgeous hike and the shade really helped. The waterfall left a lot to be desired it was more like a water trickle but we got some great pictures of Lily and Davis out of the trip!!

Fun in the Fountains

Josh and I all Summer were brainstorming things to do during the day that were fun and free (or nearly free). I know this will be surprising but I have never taken Lily and Davis to any fountains to play in up until this point. It was never a specific decision, it just never happened. The kids had a great time and so did Josh as you can see. It was a great afternoon to beat the heat in the fountains.

Trip to Mayfield

One Friday morning met his mom at Mayfield Dairy for lunch and ice cream. It was hot, but the kids had fun. They enjoyed having lunch and ice cream with Grammy.

Davis' First Haircut

So after much prompting I finally gave in to getting Davis a haircut. He really didn't have a ton of hair to cut, but it was starting to form a semi-mullet and Josh wanted nothing of it. I didn't think attempting to cut it myself was a good idea so we took Davis to a new little children's salon in Dacula called Magic Scissors. He hated it. Ha! Pretty much cried the whole time, but we made it through.

Here are a few pictures of the experience.