Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summertime, Summertime, Summ, Summ, Summertime.

Josh is home now for the summer and we have been having a lot of fun as a family. The weekend that school let out we went to Tennessee (near Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg) with several of our couple friends from church. We had a great time and Lily really did much better than I thought she would. One of the days we were there we went on a hike at Cade's Cove. We hiked to some waterfalls on some very hilly terrain. It is quite the hike when you are toting a 20+ lbs infant on your back let me tell you. My legs were sore for several days after the hike. But it was worth it.
Lily is now officially 9 months and is crawling and cruising all over the place. She has had a few accidents since she has been mobile. Her most intense injury was just the other day when she was cruising (for those that don't know, that means walking around while assisted by furniture). She was standing up on our microwave cart that we have in the kitchen and she fell and busted her lip. It was bleeding everywhere and I was not being a very calm mom. Once Josh got me to snap out of my shock I was able to stop the bleeding and she was fine with the exception of the swollen bloody lip. Her spirits were not damaged though that is for sure.

This week she is actually a little sick with a cold and a mouth infection called thrush. We took her to the doctor and they prescribed her some medicine to get rid of it. We go back to the Dr. for her 9 month appointment tomorrow. =)
Lily met her Great grandfather this past week and we affectionately call him G-Pops. She wasn't scared of him and in fact she crawled over to him, pulled up on his leg and sat in his lap for a little bit, all without shedding a tear.

Some of Lily's new feats: climbing stairs, raising arms when you say, "so big, " giving a high-five (sometimes), saying dadadadadadadada in response to everything, cruising and crawling everywhere, over and under everything, eating real solid foods (she likes to self feed things like peaches, bananas, peas, etc). She is always bigger than all the other little babies her age. She is very tall and not to mention heavy.

Lily has some best buddies that she hangs out with a lot: her cousin Liam (6 days older than her), the Clinansmith twins Lannon and Kayden who just turned 1 this week, Mason who is almost 2 years old and Parker who is 3 1/2 months old. So far no girls for her to hang out with.

Here are some great pictures of her:
Sooooo sleepy.
Lily and her G-Pops (short for great grandfather)
9 months old and a big girl

She is already ready for school.
Josh, Carrie Anne and Lily at the waterfalls at Cade's Cove
I love the look on her face as I try to put her feet in the COLD water.....she was very mad at me but I was all smiles.
First bath with other babies (Lannon and Kayden)
These sunglasses were on her face for maybe 30 seconds which is why I didn't bother buying them.....but they sure were cute.
Look carefully and you can see my busted lip..... (left side) I had blood all down my shirt, but I was a tough girl.
This is how we got Lily to the waterfalls and back. She was no light load though.
Andy, Brenna, Lannon and Kayden, Carrie Anne and Lily.
The Rowan family

Lily was not enjoying the noise of the waterfall, but when mommy was holding her she atleast stopped crying for a picture.
That's all for now, more to come soon.
~The Rowans