Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Beachy Summer

This summer we decided to not go on a vacation. Instead we invested in Lake Lanier Islands Waterpark Season passes. Lily and Davis did not have to have a pass since they were younger than 3. My dad also got in some good beach time and grand kid time by getting a pass too. We were able to make it out there about 2 times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. We would get all loaded up, drive about 25 minutes to Lake Lanier Islands. We would get there right when it opened. Set up our stuff on the beach (which is a beach on a lake front) and then swim in the shallow and warm water of the lake, play in the sand and occasionally go play in the kiddie wiggle waves area. We loved being able to go to the "beach" so much and the kids had a great time. The weather was nice a lot this summer and we really made the most of our season passes!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rowan Family Braves Game

The whole Georgia Rowan family packed up and headed to a Braves game over the summer. Josh's dad Frank had gotten some tickets through his work that not only got us into the game but also got us into the "all you can eat" section!! Perfect! So we had a great time. Josh and I went without Lily and Davis (thanks Papa). We had a lot of fun and almost got to catch an awesome homerun. Braves vs. Brewers 7/15.

(if you look in the crowd on this picture, you can see Frank and Cathy and Josh and me yelling as we watch the home run get caught right in our section!) This was a picture on showing Chippers home run for this game.