Wednesday, October 24, 2007

7 weeks and flyin....

Lily is 7 weeks old today. Things have been going well. We are enjoying every change that we see in Lily daily, from being able to hold up her head to not fitting in her newborn clothes anymore. We are looking forward to all of the exciting things to come as well....

We are taking our first real road trip with Lily this weekend. We are going back up to North Carolina for homecoming at Elon. We are very excited to see old friends and of course to show off Lily. There of course is some apprehension about the trip, Lily has not been liking the car recently and now we are going to make her ride in one for 5+ hours. We will see how it goes I guess.

Yesterday, Josh kept Lily on his own for the first time (for more than a few minutes) while I went and got my hair cut. It was a great experience for him. Lily was really good while I was gone. I was very proud of him!! He was home with her for over 3 hours.

We also took Lily last weekend to Dahlonega in North Georgia for a festival called the "gold rush." I carried Lily around in a front carrier. She did great. She really likes riding in it and I enjoy having her there close to me too instead of in a stroller (plus it is quite a workout).

Here are a few pictures that we have taken over the last month or so. I will add captions to explain when each picture was taken...

If the doctors were concerned about her lungs at birth they shouldn't be now..... (the outfit she is wearing is one that I wore as a baby too......crayons are quite the style)
Seconds before burping..... and perhaps spitting up
Dad....what are you doing? (they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I would say that this one certainly is speaking)
Oh no, not another kiss....(I am not going to want anymore kisses until I am 30, which is exactly how daddy wants it)

hmmmmmm........where's lunch?

This is Lily at 6 days old in her bouncy seat which she loves (and so do I, because it is like the magic sleep chair)
Daddy and week old (daddy's chest is very comfortable)
This is Lily at 1 month old exactly.
By the way she has already outgrown this outfit now....
Uncle Chris and Lily (cute double chin, don't you think) Chris came home to GA from CA to meet his niece at the beginning of October.

"I certainly am pretty in blue!!"
Learning lots everyday and staring at the funny fish above my head.
Boy this is fun.
"don't mind me I am just relaxing."