Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Wall

The Facts: Lost roughly 14 lbs in 28 days. My jump up in weight this morning is probably from the half gallon of zero calorie sweet tea that I drank last night. Though I feel like I am making good progress, I believe that I have hit my a wall a month into this thing. My weight loss has stalled out, My diet is becoming bland and my workouts are starting to get boring. How do I get through this? What will keep me motivated? Is the answer more cardio? How can I shock my body again?
I just had a conversation with a couple of friends on Saturday and it confirmed/reminded me that weight loss and weight management is 99% about diet. Someone once told me that you can never out run what you eat...meaning that in the long term, exercise is never enough to overcome a bad diet. I believe that diet is the key to getting my body to react the way I want it to. No pics again this week, I got too lazy. Maybe next week.

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Math Jedi said...

A linear trend ... wow eventually you will weigh nothing! Cool may I go on that plan?